Wollongong-October 1 Day Camp $ 75

October 21

JJ Kelly Park-SpringHill Road-Wollongong

8:30am – 11:30am

One day Camp come to learn our Integrated Methodology !

Milan Academy Australia offers a unique combination of professional training with disciplined, didactic drills, whilst helping players to demonstrate their flair and have fun with their friends. They are a further demonstration of A.C Milan’s serious and ongoing commitment to the Youth Sector – combining the education of soccer with fun, relaxation and excitement.

The philosophy

A kid’s knowledge happens through playing, that represents the most accurate way to ease into his learning process. This learning process is approached through a global and complex vision, capable of valuing and developing his several abilities into different fundamental dimensions.

AC Milan Integrated Method respects this united vision, offering an intervention methodology able to promote the development of the athlete’s potential in terms of movement, technique and tactics, and relationships.

The Integrated Method

This method comes from years of experience in the management of young football players and is based on several elements, like the teaching of technical, tactical, athletic and relational elements for a global vision of the football game.

The method incorporates all these elements in an effective way, engaging everyone involved with the kid’s educational process, like their families, their coaches, and managers.

Scouting for Tour & Trials

Come along to be checked and to have an evaluation if you can be ready for Tour or Trials in Italy

Register online and you will enjoy the Italian Style  Coaching with plenty of learning and  fun !