Easter Tour

Understand the professional game

To complement the European flavour of our all year trainings the Easter Tour offers an exciting opportunity for players to really understand how football works overseas and for parents to understand if their son really does have what it takes to become a Professional.


Usually 11 days long, players face a number of important teams in Italy to play in a variety of friendly matches.

The first five days are spent to train and playing friendly games against professional Clubs, giving the possibility to amalgamate the squad, then the Group is leaving to go in the place where the Tournaments are held. The Tournaments are really competitive and usually are played in the North side of Italy making the players and parents to know another Country with his history and traditions.


Players must be ready to play against strong and giants Clubs such as Ac Milan, Juventus, Inter Milan Torino, Roma etc. The players return more committed and more aware of the European Football.

Sardinia Tour

Experience the Italian style of playing

For players who simply cannot wait to enter the competitive world of European soccer, this Tournament is an ideal window and experience. This format of small side of games permit to the players to improve their technique and tactic plus challenging against the Italian style of playing.


Set on one of the most beautiful islands in the world, teams from all over Italy and the Island come to win the important trophy of the season.

Players do stay with their parents due to their age but they have specific times of day a for trainings and briefings to feel what the real players are doing during pre-games.

September Tour

10 Days Tour Discovering the Veneto Region

We are proud to announce the first Tour in Veneto where you can really enjoy the combination between Football and Art. Tailored to exploit the mild weather of Italy where you can relax and enjoy the Country &  the Lake atmosphere . September is time for tasting wine around the Veneto Hills and to visit great  City as Verona, Venice, Padova and Treviso. Football in Italy  is quite intense in that period of time, all Clubs are prepared to face the Italian Championship one of the most difficult  Competitions in the world ! During games players can be spotted from Clubs Talent Scouts !

Milan Day

Celebration of all things football

This day is a perfect celebration and union of all things Italian and football. For the last 2 years the prestigious venue of Sydney University has hosted this great event. The day is oriented around football, games are being played all day, game after game creating an exciting environment where everybody can have a lot of fun.

In the meanwhile parents can exploit the atmosphere listen to some music with the lure of pizza, pasta, wine, ham and other delicious surprises. Coffee is served all day also, while a Lottery and Fund raising are part of the day making this event really special.