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AC Milan football club was founded in 1899 and has grown from strength to strength, earning itself the well deserved label of ‘the most titled club in the world’. In just the last 20 years alone, the ‘rossoneri’ have been crowned as Italian champions 7 times, as European champions 5 times and as the best club in the world 3 times – making them a fearful opponent and the most successful football club in the world. Their achievements have earned Milan the privilege of both a star on their shirts signifying more than 10 “scudetti” victories, as well as a UEFA badge in recognition of winning more than 5 European cups. A.C Milan is today a symbol of not just a soccer club, but a global brand, a household name that penetrates many aspects of life. It is them who founded Milan Chanel to communicate better with their fans. Their dedication to their business partners is evident in their setting up Milan Business Forum while the non profit organisation ‘Fondazione Milan’ aims to teach that sport is open to all and to bring a better quality of life to the less fortunate.

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